LifeSafe Door Armor Kit installed at Woodstock Elementary School

Door Armor Kit

The LifeSafe Door Armor Kit installs on the surface of any door and is virtually invisible!

The Kit includes all of the materials and hardware necessary to upgrade an existing door, including ballistic panel, ballistic glass, mounting hardware, and latch reinforcing hardware.

LifeSafe Armor is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and even invisible. Armor panels are available in hundreds of finishes, from synthetic laminates to custom wood paneling to match your existing decor.

The LifeSafe Door Armor Kit fortifies door openings instantly, making any room a safe room. Once installed the room is shielded against gunshots, forced entry, and other physical threats coming from outside the door.

Professional installation is available. However, for those who prefer the do-it-yourself method, the LifeSafe Door Armor Kit can be installed in 60-90 minutes. The kit includes an armor panel cut to fit your door and all of the hardware necessary for installation. All you will need is a power drill and basic hand tools. Ask us about the LifeSafe Door Armor Installation Package which will include additional tools and accessories to make the installation faster and easier.

LifeSafe Door Armor Kit installed at Sandy City Justice Complex

Interior Latch Reinforcement

Reinforced internior hardware defends against breach attempts.

Outside Latch Reinforcement

Reinforced exterior hardware reduces the risk of a forced entry.

Ballistic Glass

Includes bullet resistant glass replacement.

Ballistic Glass Test

Ballistic glass absorbs bullets and withstands multiple shots.

  • N.I.J. Level IIIA certified ballistic system.
  • Custom fit to match your existing door.
  • Hundreds of finishes to match your decor.
  • Window is replaced with ballistic glass.
  • Suitable for use with existing panic hardware.
  • Withstands multiple blasts from handguns and shotguns.
  • Withstands sledge hammer & axe breaching attempts.
  • Professional installation available.
  • Do-it-yourself installation in 60-90 minutes.