About LifeSafeTM

LifeSafeTM began over a decade ago when a handful of brilliant minds created a group of seemingly unrelated products… doors, windows, podiums, desks, chairs, even clipboards… but if you looked closely you would have found all these things had one thing in common: they were designed to stop bullets.

For years we have provided peace of mind to military and government organizations who trust LifeSafeTM to protect their people from danger; but from the beginning the creators of LifeSafeTM wanted to make an impact on society as a whole. As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and friends, we want to protect our loved ones, and ourselves on behalf of those who depend on us. Unfortunately there are incidents every day where innocent lives are threatened and lost, lives that could have been saved with the right protection. Today, we at LifeSafeTM are committed to providing peace of mind for all human life making our trusted technology and designs accessible to the public.