The LifeSafe Door Armor Kit

Door Armor Kit with Wood Paneling

The LifeSafe Door Armor Kit (patents pending) allows you to easily convert most any existing door into a ballistic barrier-of-entry, and it’s practically invisible!

Sliding Doors and Window Coverings

Sliding Door Kit

The Sliding Barrier is a ballistic rated barrier-of-entry that can be installed in most any doorway, window, or other opening to prevent outside access.

Armored Furniture

Ballistic Podium

Armored podiums, desks, chairs, and a variety of other accessories provide a full-spectrum protective solution.

A Comprehensive Solution

LifeSafe Door Armor and our extensive range of architectural ballistic products offers protection for any type of building layout.

Although, our products are designed to be invisible, they are made with military grade ballistic materials. Many of these products are available with armor that can stop high powered rifles and can be fit to work with existing structures and furniture. LifeSafe Door Armor, Furniture, and accessories are essential for those concerned with safety and security.

Desks, Chairs and Furniture

Manufactured to customers’ needs or integrated into existing furniture for additional protection


Wall reinforcement, retrofitting panels, and demountable ballistic wall systems for an extra barrier of security


Concealed armor built into a variety of styles and finishes, available with wheels or casters for mobility

Personal Accessories

Our ballistic clipboards, whiteboards, and backpack inserts provide the added layer of protection that might save a life


Ballistic glazing to window coverings and shutters that look great and deploy in seconds.